Hunting Neutrinos: The Amazing IceCube Project

Talk about your “search engines.”

One of the joys of working at ICS is the wonderful glimpse we get into the creative projects of our clients, colleagues, and partners. Here’s a stellar example: IceCube. If you haven’t heard about IceCube, we encourage you to drop what you’re doing and take a look at their website: In a word: wow.

IceCube is a kilometer-sized telescope at the South Pole (again, wow). What scientists are looking for is neutrinos. It turns out that Antarctic polar ice is “the ideal medium” for the search for dark matter. What IceCube is doing is no less than probing the universe for answers to some of the most complex questions researchers can ask. That’s a pretty good mission statement.

IceCube, funded by a National Science Foundation grant, works with an impressive list of collaborating organizations that — literally — span the globe. ICS’s role is to help the researchers communicate and share information. We’re proud to help.

IceCube: The search continues.

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