Coming Soon: NEW “WisLine Anytime”

Simpler. Cheaper. Faster. ICS listened to your needs. The result? WisLine Anytime: the newest addition to our WisLine suite of services.

WisLine Anytime will be ICS’s new reservation-less audioconference service. You’ll be able to meet any day, any place, in any time zone, outside of ICS’s normal hours, without scheduling your reservation.

WisLine Anytime will be a self-service audioconference. You’ll be issued your own personal passcode with 150 lines available for you to use at any time. You’ll be able to manage your own account from your own online portal. When you want to have a meeting, you’ll simply send your passcode, date, and time of the meeting to participants in the audioconference. Then, the participants will call in to the conference. Simple.

Of course, WisLine Anytime will be fully supported – 24/7 – should an unexpected issue arise.

But wait, there’s LESS. That’s right: less. WisLine Anytime rates will be much lower than WisLine rates are now. You’ll only be billed for the minutes you use. No extra or hidden fees. No cancellation fees. No set-up fees. And recording your conference will be free.

We anticipate ICS WisLine Anytime service will begin within a couple of months. Watch for an announcement and a sneak preview of our new, more economical rates coming very soon.

If you’d like to receive more information about WisLine Anytime, please send an email to

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