ICS Introduces New Rates for WisLine Suite of Services

Instructional Communications Systems (ICS) is introducing new rates for WisLine Audio, WisLine Web, and WisLine Video effective July 1, 2011.

Dr. Eddie Loo, Director of ICS, said, “We understand the challenging economic times our clients and customers are facing. ICS is here to help. We think people will be very pleased.”

He added, “ICS has developed new business models and adapted new technologies to make lower prices, high quality, and great service a reality. Our goals are: Simpler. Cheaper. Faster. Better.”

Follow ICS: More new rates and services will be released in the near future. To receive automatic updates as new rates and services are released just follow us on Facebook, Twitter or the ICS blog .

New rates are listed on the ICS web site. Please visit uwex.edu/ics/fy12rates.htm. For further information, please contact the following:

WisLine Audio
Email: wislineaudio@ics.uwex.edu
Phone: 608-262-0753

WisLine Video —
Email: wislinevideo@ics.uwex.edu
Phone: 608-262-5249

WisLine Web —
Email: wislineweb@ics.uwex.edu
Phone: 608-262-7590

WisLine Webcast —
Email: webcast@ics.uwex.edu
Phone: 608-262-5249

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