WisLine Suite of Telecommunication Services in Jeopardy

The Joint Finance Committee Omnibus motion related to higher education, including telecommunications, which passed last Friday jeopardizes Instructional Communication Systems (ICS)’s suite of WisLine services. The impact of the JFC proposal for ICS clients, partners, and customers would be devastating.

The mission of ICS is to “advance Wisconsin Education, Government, and Non-profits by providing technology and digital media solutions for teaching, learning, and communicating.” If the legislature were to pass the Joint Finance Committee bill:

  • State and local governments and non-profit organizations could no longer be served by ICS’s WisLine suite of services. ICS services to UW institutions will be severely diminished.
  • ICS could no longer provide videoconference, webconference, audioconference and streaming services to non-UW institutions.
  • Clients, learners, and partners formerly served by ICS would experience increased costs for these services from other providers.
  • ICS would be prevented from continuing or developing strategic partnerships that are cost effective, scalable, and easy for clients to use.

Please call or write your legislators today, if possible. This process is moving quickly.

  • Let them know how important WisLine videoconferencing, webconferencing, audioconferencing, and streaming services are to you, your organization, and especially the clients, learners, and partners you serve.
  • Ask your legislators to delete the telecommunication provision in the Higher Education motion.
  • Ask your legislators if they support this request.

Please contact Joint Finance Committee members first (Joint Finance Committee) and then contact your state legislators (Who Are My Legislators?)

Thank you.

Eddie Loo, Director
Instructional Communications Systems (ICS)
The Pyle Center, 702 Langdon Street
Madison, WI 53706
608-262-3465; eddie.loo@ics.uwex.edu

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