ICS Introduces Reservationless Audio Conference Service: WisLine Anytime

WisLine Anytime

Instructional Communications Systems (ICS), University of Wisconsin-Extension, is pleased to announce its newest service, WisLine Anytime. WisLine Anytime is an on-demand, self-service audio conference service that can be used at any time from anywhere. WisLine Anytime offers the following advantages:

  • On demand, anytime access for audio and web conferencing at any time. No reservations required.
  • 24 x 7 technical support.
  • Ease of use with a dedicated dial-in number and passcode.
  • Cost savings through lower per minute rates.

With WisLine Anytime there is no need to make a reservation or schedule a conference. After your new host account is created, you receive your own personal passcode with 75 phone lines available for you to use whenever you need to meet or collaborate.

In addition, as a host, you’ll have access to an online dashboard allowing you to view your usage and even control conference functions. Through touchtone commands you can easily control conference functions such as muting and recording.

To host a meeting you simply send your conference phone number and passcode to your participants. Participants dial in to a toll-free number at the time and date you’ve arranged and your conference begins.

Technical support is available at any time during your conference and you’ll always be assured of high-quality audio. You can even record your conference at no charge and download it from your online dashboard to listen to at your convenience or distribute to others.

The cost for WisLine Anytime is just 2.9 cents per minute (UW departments, Wisconsin state and local government agencies) and includes access to the account dashboard, recording, and technical support, and more. The rate for non-profits and other governmental agencies is 3.5 cents per minute. You are charged only for the time you use the service.

Basic, integrated web conferencing with WisLine Anytime Online Meeting is also available for an extra 5 cents per minute. Web conferences are fully integrated with your WisLine Anytime audio and allow you to upload PowerPoint presentations, Word and Excel documents and pdf files, view web sites and other applications through application sharing, text chat, and much more.

You can request WisLine Anytime account beginning November 21. For more information: WisLine Anytime visit us on the web, www.uwex.edu/ics/wislineanytime, send an email to wislineaudio@ics.uwex.edu, or call us at 608-262-0753 or toll-free at 1-855-289-9177.

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