Wisconsin Supreme Court conducts first videoconference public hearing

Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson thanks UW-Extension Instructional Communications Systems for assistance

UW-Extension’s Instructional Communications Systems (ICS) recently supported the Wisconsin Supreme Court to successfully host the court’s first-ever public hearing using videoconferencing. Members of the Court needed to receive testimony and feedback from peers in other states, as well as from a law professor and staff of federal rules advisory committees. They chose videoconferencing with ICS’s WisLine Video service to help accomplish their goals.

The hearing, about improving the court’s rule-making process, took place on March 5, 2012, and included video connections with six locations across the country. ICS coordinated with remote sites to schedule services, test equipment and provide desktop videoconference software for a site lacking compatible equipment. The preparation ensured smooth transitions as the court took testimony from each expert.

In recent letters, Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson thanked ICS staff for their expertise and technical support allowing her and her colleagues to host the hearing, now archived on Wisconsin Eye at: http://bit.ly/GIUloC

“It was a terrific success because of your time and expertise,” Abrahamson wrote.

ICS Director Eddie Loo said that credit must be shared: “ICS working in collaboration with the Department of Administration’s Division of State Facilities really made this work. We are proud that we could partner with DOA and share the resources of the University of Wisconsin to serve the Wisconsin Supreme Court. That is part of our mission to carry out the Wisconsin Idea.”

Located in The Pyle Center in Madison, ICS provides tele-collaborative distance education services for educational, governmental and nonprofit organizations in Wisconsin and beyond, helping them to connect whether in person or at a distance. For information, visit http://www.uwex.edu/ics/.

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