WisLine Audio: Upcoming Changes to Service Announced

WisLineNew, Expanded Services to be Added

ICS is pleased to announce that effective May 21, 2012, all WisLine Audio bridging services will be migrated from an in-house hardware service to a cloud-based service. This change will allow ICS to continue to bring you new and improved conferencing services, and make it easier and faster for you to make reservations.

You will now have access to more phone lines for larger conferences as well as access to WisLine Anytime reservationless conferences, enhanced operator-assisted services, and 24 x 7 helpdesk support. Additionally, you will have access to an account dashboard which allows you to make reservations online, view and change your account information, view your usage, and create new reservationless hosts and conferences.

Below are some frequently asked questions, but feel free to email or call us if you don’t see what you’re looking for. We will send additional email updates with further information prior to the May 21 activation date.

Is there anything I need to do now?
Nothing, at this time. If you already have a WisLine Anytime account, beginning May 21, 2012, you will be given access to create reserved “meet me” conferences from your dashboard. You can also make new reservations by calling the NEW WisLine Audio toll-free reservation number or by submitting the reservation request form on the ICS website.

If you do not have a WisLine Anytime account, a new account will automatically be created for you. You will be sent your new account details by email and a followup postal mail after May 21. Your new account will still have the same account number, and will still be billed through our regular process.

What will change?
The dial-in phone number to access the WisLine service will change. That new number will be sent to you with your new account details. The reservations phone number as well as the help desk for audio conferences will also change except for customers who already use WisLine Anytime. The same toll-free phone number will now be used for making new reservations, and for accessing help. That number will be sent to you with your account details. In addition to new numbers you will be given access to an online account dashboard where you can use the self-help features to access your account information, make new reservations, or view your usage. The current online reservation request form will not change. Billing and billing help will remain the same.

What if I call your reservation line instead of the new reservation line?
Don’t worry. We can forward your call to the new reservation line, and we always love to hear from our clients.

What if I, or my participants, call the current dial-in phone number?
Not a problem. Your call will automatically be forwarded to the new dial-in number.

What if I, or my participants, don’t remember a passcode?
Not a problem. There are always operators on-hand who can assist with placing participants into the correct conference. Also, if you experience technical difficulties during your conference, you can always reach an operator by using the keyboard commands on a touchtone phone.

Have the rates changed?
The rates for our current WisLine Anytime and WisLine Reserved conferences will remain the same. Rates for reserved conferences which require a higher level of operator support (such as operator-dialed calls, reservations which require more than 150 lines, and other operator-assisted services) will be changed. New rates will be posted on the ICS web site at uwex.edu/ics/wisline/rates.htm.

What if I have a recurring WisLine reservation?
Current WisLine Audio reservations and phone numbers can be used until June 30, 2012. If you have currently have reservations which extend past June 30, 2012, we will be contacting you to assist you with changing those reservations to the new system.

Will there be any training to help me learn more about this?
Yes. ICS is scheduling a series of brief training and Q & A webinars during the first two weeks of June to help you learn more about the new WisLine Audio and WisLine Web. There is no charge for participants. More information on the webinars will follow later.

How do I get more information?
We’ll post new information as it is available on our web site, http://www.uwex.edu/ics/wisline and we’ll be sending further announcements via email. We are available to answer your questions during business hours by phone at 608-262-4342 or toll-free 855-289-9177.

Who can use the WisLine Audio service?
Any UW System institution, State of Wisconsin and local governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations throughout Wisconsin and beyond are eligible to use any of the ICS-supported services including the WisLine Suite (audio conferencing, web conferencing, video conferencing, webcasting), web design and development services, digital media editing and recording, and on-site media services in The Pyle Center and The Lowell Center.

As always, thanks for your support. We are here to help you meet your virtual and on-site meeting needs.

The WisLine Team
Phone: 608-262-4342 or 855-289-9177
Email: wislineservices@ics.uwex.edu
Web: www.uwex.edu/ics

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