ICS Teams with UW-Madison for Live Stream of Titan Arum Blooming


The ICS Instructional Media Services team partnered this week with the UW-Madison to provide a live stream of the Titan Arum, better known as the corpse plant, blossoming at the D.C. Smith Greenhouse.  ICS provided the webcam and streaming services to allow visitors to watch the progress of the plant live online.

The corpse plant, so named because of the distinctive odor it gives off when in bloom, began blossoming on August 1 around 1 pm and will remain in bloom for about 24 hours, according to Johanna Oosterwyk, greenhouse director, who said it bloomed for the first time when it was nine years old. This is its second bloom. The plant has been named “Dennis” in memory of Dr. Dennis Stimart, Professor of Floriculture, who passed away in 2010.

You can read more about this unique partnership from UW-Extension’s news site or from the D.C. Smith Greenhouse Facebook page.

Click here to view the live streaming video of the plant in blossom.

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