Nate Jorgensen Appointed to UW System Committee

ICS’ teleconference technician Nate Jorgensen has been appointed by the UW-Extension / UW Colleges Chancellor Ray Cross to serve as UW-Extension’s representative on the Educational Media Technology Council (EMTC). EMTC’s membership is comprised of one appointed representative from each UW System institution. It provides a forum for addressing educational media and technology issues that affect individual campuses and the University of Wisconsin System as a whole.

In appointing Nate to the committee Chancellor Cross noted that “Nate’s qualifications and experience at ICS make him well positioned to contribute to the council’s work.”

At ICS, Nate provides support for all of the ICS teleconference services and specializes in support for the WisLine Video bridging service. In addition to serving on the committee, Nate has also been elected to serve as EMTC treasurer for the upcoming year. Congratulations, Nate.

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Wisconsin Supreme Court conducts first videoconference public hearing

Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson thanks UW-Extension Instructional Communications Systems for assistance

UW-Extension’s Instructional Communications Systems (ICS) recently supported the Wisconsin Supreme Court to successfully host the court’s first-ever public hearing using videoconferencing. Members of the Court needed to receive testimony and feedback from peers in other states, as well as from a law professor and staff of federal rules advisory committees. They chose videoconferencing with ICS’s WisLine Video service to help accomplish their goals.

The hearing, about improving the court’s rule-making process, took place on March 5, 2012, and included video connections with six locations across the country. ICS coordinated with remote sites to schedule services, test equipment and provide desktop videoconference software for a site lacking compatible equipment. The preparation ensured smooth transitions as the court took testimony from each expert.

In recent letters, Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson thanked ICS staff for their expertise and technical support allowing her and her colleagues to host the hearing, now archived on Wisconsin Eye at:

“It was a terrific success because of your time and expertise,” Abrahamson wrote.

ICS Director Eddie Loo said that credit must be shared: “ICS working in collaboration with the Department of Administration’s Division of State Facilities really made this work. We are proud that we could partner with DOA and share the resources of the University of Wisconsin to serve the Wisconsin Supreme Court. That is part of our mission to carry out the Wisconsin Idea.”

Located in The Pyle Center in Madison, ICS provides tele-collaborative distance education services for educational, governmental and nonprofit organizations in Wisconsin and beyond, helping them to connect whether in person or at a distance. For information, visit

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WisLine Anytime User Guides Available

WisLine Anytime

Have you tried ICS’s new reservationless audio conference service yet? If you have then you may have questions about how to use the online dashboard and the web conference add-on. To help answer those questions, we’ve just added a WisLine Anytime resources page to our web site and added two new user guides.

The WisLine Anytime 24 x 7 Audio Conferencing User Guide provides an introduction to the audio conference service and its features. In addition, there are step-by-step instructions for accessing your account online and using the online dashboard.

The WisLine Anytime Online Meeting User Guide provides instructions for using all of the Online Meeting features including launching a web conference, using the presenter console, desktop and application sharing, content publishing, text chat, and more.

Both guides are in pdf format and can be downloaded from the WisLine Anytime Resources page.

We’ll be adding more WisLine Anytime resources in the near future, and we’ll post those notices here. There is much more information about WisLine Anytime available on our web site at

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ICS Introduces Reservationless Audio Conference Service: WisLine Anytime

WisLine Anytime

Instructional Communications Systems (ICS), University of Wisconsin-Extension, is pleased to announce its newest service, WisLine Anytime. WisLine Anytime is an on-demand, self-service audio conference service that can be used at any time from anywhere. WisLine Anytime offers the following advantages:

  • On demand, anytime access for audio and web conferencing at any time. No reservations required.
  • 24 x 7 technical support.
  • Ease of use with a dedicated dial-in number and passcode.
  • Cost savings through lower per minute rates.

With WisLine Anytime there is no need to make a reservation or schedule a conference. After your new host account is created, you receive your own personal passcode with 75 phone lines available for you to use whenever you need to meet or collaborate.

In addition, as a host, you’ll have access to an online dashboard allowing you to view your usage and even control conference functions. Through touchtone commands you can easily control conference functions such as muting and recording.

To host a meeting you simply send your conference phone number and passcode to your participants. Participants dial in to a toll-free number at the time and date you’ve arranged and your conference begins.

Technical support is available at any time during your conference and you’ll always be assured of high-quality audio. You can even record your conference at no charge and download it from your online dashboard to listen to at your convenience or distribute to others.

The cost for WisLine Anytime is just 2.9 cents per minute (UW departments, Wisconsin state and local government agencies) and includes access to the account dashboard, recording, and technical support, and more. The rate for non-profits and other governmental agencies is 3.5 cents per minute. You are charged only for the time you use the service.

Basic, integrated web conferencing with WisLine Anytime Online Meeting is also available for an extra 5 cents per minute. Web conferences are fully integrated with your WisLine Anytime audio and allow you to upload PowerPoint presentations, Word and Excel documents and pdf files, view web sites and other applications through application sharing, text chat, and much more.

You can request WisLine Anytime account beginning November 21. For more information: WisLine Anytime visit us on the web,, send an email to, or call us at 608-262-0753 or toll-free at 1-855-289-9177.

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ICS Colleagues to Retire Today

Retiring from ICS today: Jamie Poindexter, Director of Engineering and Service Development with 35 years of experience at ICS, and Michele Jacques, Manager of Digital Media and Web Development, with 13 years of experience at ICS.

Please join us in thanks and appreciation for their dedicated service to ICS and UW-Extension.

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WisLine Suite of Telecommunication Services in Jeopardy

The Joint Finance Committee Omnibus motion related to higher education, including telecommunications, which passed last Friday jeopardizes Instructional Communication Systems (ICS)’s suite of WisLine services. The impact of the JFC proposal for ICS clients, partners, and customers would be devastating.

The mission of ICS is to “advance Wisconsin Education, Government, and Non-profits by providing technology and digital media solutions for teaching, learning, and communicating.” If the legislature were to pass the Joint Finance Committee bill:

  • State and local governments and non-profit organizations could no longer be served by ICS’s WisLine suite of services. ICS services to UW institutions will be severely diminished.
  • ICS could no longer provide videoconference, webconference, audioconference and streaming services to non-UW institutions.
  • Clients, learners, and partners formerly served by ICS would experience increased costs for these services from other providers.
  • ICS would be prevented from continuing or developing strategic partnerships that are cost effective, scalable, and easy for clients to use.

Please call or write your legislators today, if possible. This process is moving quickly.

  • Let them know how important WisLine videoconferencing, webconferencing, audioconferencing, and streaming services are to you, your organization, and especially the clients, learners, and partners you serve.
  • Ask your legislators to delete the telecommunication provision in the Higher Education motion.
  • Ask your legislators if they support this request.

Please contact Joint Finance Committee members first (Joint Finance Committee) and then contact your state legislators (Who Are My Legislators?)

Thank you.

Eddie Loo, Director
Instructional Communications Systems (ICS)
The Pyle Center, 702 Langdon Street
Madison, WI 53706

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ICS Introduces New Rates for WisLine Suite of Services

Instructional Communications Systems (ICS) is introducing new rates for WisLine Audio, WisLine Web, and WisLine Video effective July 1, 2011.

Dr. Eddie Loo, Director of ICS, said, “We understand the challenging economic times our clients and customers are facing. ICS is here to help. We think people will be very pleased.”

He added, “ICS has developed new business models and adapted new technologies to make lower prices, high quality, and great service a reality. Our goals are: Simpler. Cheaper. Faster. Better.”

Follow ICS: More new rates and services will be released in the near future. To receive automatic updates as new rates and services are released just follow us on Facebook, Twitter or the ICS blog .

New rates are listed on the ICS web site. Please visit For further information, please contact the following:

WisLine Audio
Phone: 608-262-0753

WisLine Video —
Phone: 608-262-5249

WisLine Web —
Phone: 608-262-7590

WisLine Webcast —
Phone: 608-262-5249

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